Bleach story


At BLEACH, we carve a unique path in the world of luxury fashion. Our journey, born in the vibrant heart of Dubai in 2012, reflects our dedication to contemporary clothing and our minimalistic yet bold design aesthetic, influenced by the city's dynamic spirit and structure.

Inaugural Creations

Our journey took flight in 2012 with the launch of our inaugural collections. These early creations set the stage for BLEACH's innovative approach to fashion, introducing blend fabrics, transparency, bold cuts, and vibrant colors, these collections defied convention. The Signature pieces, featuring shorter fronts and longer backs, became an instant hit, capturing hearts and minds.

Designer's Touch

Our journey began in 2012, founded by the visionary designer Budreya Faisal. Her passion for bold and contemporary fashion ignited the creation of BLEACH, shaping the brand's pioneering spirit.

Budreya Faisal in her element

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