Embracing the World


In the heart of Milan, we discovered Mia, an avid traveler with an unmatched passion for fashion. She stood confidently in an empty square, wearing one of BLEACH's iconic pieces—the Military Green Trench. Mia's style reflected her bold and adventurous spirit, perfectly in sync with the city's vibrant atmosphere.






Mia's love for travel was palpable as she recounted her adventures in Marrakech, Bangkok, and Rome. Her globetrotting experiences had become a wellspring of inspiration, infusing her style with a unique charm. 







As we roamed the streets of Milan, Mia's admiration for BLEACH became evident. The brand's ability to blend tradition with modernity resonated deeply with her. Mia saw fashion as an avenue for self-expression, and BLEACH embodied that philosophy seamlessly.






Mia in Milan encapsulated the essence of a bold, confident, and adventurous spirit—the very qualities that BLEACH represents. Her journey served as a reminder that fashion transcends boundaries, connecting us all through;

a shared love for style and self-expression.



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The Military Green Trench

An evergreen favorite, reflects the fusion of utility and style with washed-silk-like touch, and stiff polyester.

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Mia in Milan: Travel Diary

Milan: A Canvas for Self-Expression Through Style – Mia's travel journey and unique style featuring BLEACH's Military Green Trench.

BLEACH x Nike - SS'17

BLEACH x Nike - SS'17

Uniting Modest Fashion and Sportswear— A partnership aimed to represent the modern Khaleeji woman's style while incorporating the latest Nike lifestyle picks.

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