Unveiling Elegance:
FW'19 Fashion Show at DIFC RUNWAY, Dubai


Opening Night Glamour

The fashion world converged at the DIFC RUNWAY in Dubai for an unforgettable evening that marked the launch of BLEACH's Fall-Winter 2019 collection. It was an event filled with anticipation, as the audience eagerly awaited the unveiling of the latest designs from the renowned luxury fashion brand. As the curtains rose, the runway came to life with the mesmerizing FW'19 collection.

Fashion Meets Artistry

The Fall-Winter'19 collection presented by BLEACH was nothing short of spectacular. Every piece exuded elegance, with a perfect blend of contemporary design and timeless appeal. The show's unique styling, accompanied by the iconic music of Janet Jackson, created an atmosphere that was nothing short of electric. The military-inspired music set the tone, adding a powerful dimension to the runway experience. The runway came alive with models confidently strutting their stuff, showcasing the meticulously crafted pieces that define BLEACH's unique aesthetic. The Signature abayas flowed gracefully, revealing the artistry in each stitch. The oversized coats, adorned with gold metal buttons and decorative detailing, made a bold statement about the brand's commitment to combining form with function. And when it comes to versatility, the reversible puff kimonos took center stage, proving that fashion could be both stylish and practical.

The runway showcased an array of standout pieces, including:



The Mulberry Signature
A stunning black A-line abaya in synthetic washed silk with Mulberry poly-twill panels. Its versatility allows the wearer to choose between belted and unbelted styles, offering a dynamic silhouette.







The Blue Signature
A captivating variation of the Signature abaya in
a striking blue hue, delivering a fresh take on the classic.







The Mulberry Oversized Coat
This coat, with its roomy pockets and exquisite detailing, proved to be the ultimate winter essential. Gold metal buttons, sleeve, and shoulder straps added a touch of luxury.





The Blue Oversized Coat 
An elegant counterpart to the Mulberry Oversized Coat,
boasting the same roomy design and exquisite embellishments.







The Aubergine Reversible Puff Kimono
A true showstopper, this reversible kimono featured vertical stick
quilting for an elongated appearance. Its chic design and double patch pockets on the black side added to its allure.



The Black Set
A perfect ensemble for the season, the Black Set included a loose turtleneck top with dropped shoulders and extra-long sleeves, paired with high-waisted, draped pants.



The Black Signature 
Was indeed a captivating variation of BLEACH's iconic Signature abaya.


Black x Black



The Black Oversized Coat
Much like its counterparts in Mulberry and Blue, this oversized coat is a winter essential that speaks volumes about style and comfort. Its spacious pockets and meticulous detailing make it a must-have for the season. Embracing the same roomy design and exquisite embellishments, this coat effortlessly combines functionality with fashion.





The White Reversible Puff Kimono 
Offering the same reversible feature, this kimono dazzled with its stylish double patch pockets on the black side.


The Blue Set
 A variation of the Black Set.
Presented in an enchanting shade of blue.


The Mulberry Set
Completing the trio, the Mulberry Set added a touch of vibrancy to the collection.








Budreya Faisal: The Visionary Designer

The fashion show was a testament to the creative genius of Budreya Faisal, the visionary designer behind BLEACH. Her commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining contemporary clothing was evident in every piece that graced the runway. The audience was left in awe, applauding her for her remarkable contribution to the world of fashion.

From behind the curtain


The FW'19 fashion show was not just an event; it was a celebration of artistry, creativity, and innovation. BLEACH continues to inspire with its commitment to producing exceptional clothing, setting new standards for luxury, and reimagining traditional fashion. As the applause echoed through the venue, it was clear that BLEACH had once again left an indelible mark on the world of fashion.


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