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Camel/White Linen Signature

Dhs. 3,300.00

One can never go wrong with the brand classic "signature" for ss.19.

The flowy A-line abaya comes in many varieties and can be worn belted or without, giving the wearer control over the final silhouette. The signature's full-length panels and subtly elevated shoulder design convey a very chic and suffocated image. The folded sleeve detailing and center front opening making it a very summer-friendly statement abaya with our curved front panel pockets for optimal user comfort. 

The signature is sold with a complimentary camel belt and sheila.

Fabric Information: White Linen: 100% pure Indian linen. Camel: 70% cotton crepe. Lining: 100% premium Japanese poplin cotton. Sheila: 100% cotton.


Garment measurements can be altered on request. Terms and conditions apply.

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